Youthtopia CoolSculpting Submental Treatment

Youthtopia CoolSculpting Submental Treatment

Tracy: Hi everybody this is Tracy with Youthtopia MedSpa, thank you again for tuning in. Taylor is going to be my assistant today and we are going to do CoolSCulpting on the submental area which is the fat pad just below the chin so our model here has already been assessed and we’ve determined she’s a good candidate one of the tools we used for the assessment is this measuring device really and it kind went under her chin to show us how much area she would be treating some people might need two of these, we might have to do one and then to everyone’s individual need based on that fat pad. So, today we’re going to be treating her area under the chin and again we’ve already got her measured and better it’s somewhat comfortable and just a little bit of a process getting stabilized and ready for the treatment. We’ve already done a the measurements and now we’re going to do a 60 second wipe, so Taylor is going to do this for us I’ll keep a time on that and one of the reasons we use permanent marker when we’re doing the measurement and marking the area is because this wipe not only protects her skin it will take some of the marker off so we want to make sure we have those defined lines but mainly the whole purpose of the wipe is to protect the skin from the treatment as well as the machine. It’s a very smart machine if there’s any indicator that the temperature has reached a certain level or perhaps it’s no loner stable on her chin in a stabilized manner the machine will warn us and shut off so I want you to know that it’s a very, very safe effective treatment and these are just some of the steps that felt tick and our take when they offer most welcome to this area. So that 10 more seconds left on our treatment and again it just skin protectant and next what Taylor is going to do is apply a gel, this gel helps us with the applicator to the step of the treatment that’s going to put it all on your glove and we’re going to put it protects the machine and again the skin. So, I think what the whole point here is to make sure that we are following the safety regulations and also getting the really most effective treatment so, they definitely use the whole, after we get up our client situated is to make sure she’s as comfortable as she can be. This is a 45 min treatment so we offer her Netflix and most people use our cellphone while they’re here as we all do or they’re ready to take a nap once they’re being processed. Okay? Thank you, Taylor.

So now we’re going to take the hand piece which is designed to not only for the submental area but sometimes you can treat bra fat with it a lot of times you can do just above your kneecap there’s different area you can use for this particular hand piece. Big fan of right here, who isn’t. so, now we’re going to take the applicator and we’re going to put it where we have the marking and after we get it on her quiet stabilized we’ll stabilize her thereby keep her chin forward. Now there is some suction which keeps our client stable and also where she can’t speak can’t talk so we want to make sure she’s as comfortable as she can be. This suction handpiece helps us stabilize the host so they don’t move because we need her very still for this process can you do, swallow for me? Does it feel like it’s in place and it’s not going to move? Okay so, she gave us the thumbs up so that’s a good sign so Taylor I think she’s good if you want to start the treatment. Love that sound, so what you’re going to experience I know we talked about this in our assessment, but it’s going to become cold, we are getting you to the temperature that’s going to treat that I might pull the hose just to take it a little bit. We’re treating the subcutaneous fat cells and we’re destroying that fat so you’re going to get a great improvement on the fat pad that’s under the submental area. It takes about four weeks for the wall to be completely destroyed and at that point you’ll see improvement in the, and a reduction of the area great results for four weeks better results eight weeks fantastic results twelve weeks later, there is no downtime. Are you, on a scale from 1 to 10 or I should say on a scale of 1 to 5 how uncomfortable are you 5 being the worst. Zero, yeah, that’s what you call a no downtime treatment so it’s really pain free I know that everyone’s different some might say it’s uncomfortable because they’re forced to have their mouth closed it might get uncomfortable for 45 minutes because they can’t talk on their phone but truly the treatment itself has very, very little pain or discomfort no downtime unlike Kybella which is a great treatment for a lot of people this post will be here will be able to have the treatment done go to work, go work out at the gym and resume your normal activities. After just a few minutes our client wont be feeling the treatment at all meaning it just gets numb and we look her and where does it call and also one of the things we also have which we love is the ability for the client to reach out to us if they need anything at all if they have corners sometimes they want the lights turned down so we have a button here that does that.

Taylor: You clip it to the blanket, easy access.
Tracy: And Taylor, I know you’ve had a lot of these have you had any people that had any complaints or did they love the results or what kind of feedback do you get typically.
Taylor: I mean, everybody complaints about certain part of their body, some of the chin area and they love it it’s great for selfies.

Tracy: That’s great, this is your selfie cure.

Taylor: Yeah, and it’s good even 45 minutes, have sit there can’t talk with your mouth but you can have nap time, silence, people love that I mean they love the results and yeah, it’s an easy treatment.
Tracy: Thank you it works that’s, that’s what we love most about coolsculpting and they’ll take it here at youthtopia Medspa, we’ve all been treated done we often teach it directly so we hope to see you come and thanks for tuning in to youthtopia medspa behind the scenes coolsculpting.