Woman in grey scrubs getting ready to explain the difference between IPL and Photo Facial

IPL vs Photofacial/Genesis Laser

I’m Courtney and today we’re going to talk about the difference between the IPL and the laser genesis. IPL is a laser-like treatment, it’s in the same class as lasers but it’s not an actual laser, it’s a pulsed light. What it does is it works on pigmentation and redness and it can help a little bit with pore size and collagen building also. Great for sun damage, melisma, age spots, anything like that. This is our laser genesis. What it’s going to do is a laser that builds collagen. It’s gonna go deep down, build collagen, there’s no downtime with it. You’re just a little bit rosy right afterwards but nothing crazy. You can walk out and nobody would ever know you had anything done and it’s going to make your pore size smaller. It helps a little bit with some redness and goes and helps build deep down collagen so you get improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. We even sometimes do these two treatments in combination. They are safe to be layered on top of each other, we’ll do the Genesis first, followed by the IPL for even more impactful results, so come by Youthtopia today and get your skin looking fabulous.