Youthtopia CoolSculpting Submental Treatment

CoolSculpting Under Chin – Double Chin Removal

Tracy: Hi everybody it’s Tracy with youthtopia medspa thank you again for tuning in. I wanted to introduce Sydney and Tailor, our Coolsculpting specialist and today we’re going to give you a behind the scenes look at an assessment for someone’s submental area below their chin and Taylor is going to help us with assessing Sydney and I’m going to talk to you about how you can expect the results and later if you’d be sure to watch the end of the video you’ll see a special offer at the bottom of this screen shot and you can use that when you come in for your assessment. Also part two of this will be as actually showing you Sydney getting the treatment amazing the results are great you’re going to love it. So, basically one of the key parts of doing a chin or submental assessment is to make sure that we’re having a little fatty pad not skin, some people have skin and under their chin area that can’t be treated so coolsculpting definitely treats the fat the subcutaneous fat in the submental area so we’re going to assess Sydney so Taylor is going to use her fingers and try to Squeeze the area and see if she can actually determine if it’s loose skin or if it’s a fat pad.
Taylor: We have a fat pad here, we’re actually going to use this tool, it’s a better cup that we want to focus on so we can see that the fat actually is coming through here at the bottom which that’s what you want, so we’re not getting just skin we’re getting the actual fat that we can grab.
Tracy: So good news for Sydney is she’s a good candidate to actually have this and I can help hold it if you’d like while you mark it we’re going to mark the area around where we’ll be treating or do you want me to hold it or no.
Taylor: Yeah.
Tracy: So, when we treat the submental area everyone’s a little different, some might have the need for two of these applicators and some might just need the one. Sydney is a perfect candidate for the one treatment, it’s just a little bit underneath her chin area and if you turn a little bit of the side if you face Tay you can kind of see words kind of presents itself slightly and so we’re going to help Sydney lose that it’s going to define her jawline and offer her some countering which we all love and when you tune in next time we’ll show you what that looks like when someone’s actually treating their submental area. Thank you, Taylor, for your help thank you Sydney for being a willing victim and everybody have great day, be sure to tune in for your special at the end of the video, thanks everybody.