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Coolsculpting LIVE

Tracy: Welcome back, again Tracy with CoolSculpting. We’re here with our client Kim and our specialist Sydney and we wanted to start out by giving you some behind the scenes what to expect with CoolSculpting and how it works and kind of get take away from fears you might have or so. To answer some questions you might have and just a recap, my name is Tracy and Kim is our client and she’s excited about taking a trip to Jamaica and she’s just trying to get that rocking bikini body. So we’re super excited to help her get that, to achieve that goal. She’s been freezing the fat like we said, likely for about 33 minutes so it’s about time to take the applicator off. When I wanted to ask how are you feeling?
Kim: I feel good, it’s exciting, right?
Tracy: So when we finish this we’re going to do a massage of the area. A massage in the area does help provide better results, smoother outcome. Sidney, what’s the common question a lot of people have about CoolSculpting?
Sydney: How long are the results?
Tracy: Good, that’s a really common question. So that’s a great one, because a lot of you ask how long will this last. Will it come back? The beauty of CoolSculpting is we’re actually freezing the fat cell wall and we’re destroying it. It won’t come back, it’s “Bye Bye”. So once that cell wall is destroyed by the freezing technology, we’re taking it to 11 degrees below Celsius and that fat cell wall is going to dissolve and you push up your lymphatic system through sweat, through urine and it’s gone. So what a lot of people like to do is called body contouring, after they’ve lost a little pack of the fat, they might want to come in and do it again, just to get some body sculpting and continue to improve on those results. But to shortage the question is the fat cell is gone. You can get a 25 to 30% reduction, some people have actively had a treatment with CoolSculpting. So it’s time to take the applicator off and we will do a massage to the area. And you can see there’s some redness to the area that it’s not the most comfortable right now. So people feel like it tickles and some people just prepare for the massage.
Kim: (laughing) It’s going a little tender. Not bad, but tender.
Tracy: Okay, we’re going to do this for two minutes and our clock understands, just try that. So the benefit of massage again is to help take the crystalized fat cells and evenly distribute it throughout the area that we’re treating, so the benefits are superior. Another question that I see coming in is what should you expect when you go home. Kim and I talked about this, here at Youthtopia we really believe in following up the next day, as far as well the second day, to check on our clients and see how they’re doing. You’re doing great!
Kim: Thank you!
Tracy: I can answer any questions that you might have, I think a lot of times when you go home, having had this done you might forget to ask a question. We’re available, our postponing technicians give out their cell phones, you’re able to contact them directly if you’re being with pertinent questions and you can’t wait for the business hours to answer. You’re doing great. I think again having watched this video you get to take advantage of the special offer and I want to thank you again for tuning in. I think it’s really important that I really thank Kim and I’m really excited to help you get that rocking bikini body for your trip to Jamaica. And I know you’re going to love the results and at this point we’re going to give her a moment to catch her breath and again don’t forget to tune in for the offer that we’re giving you the special offer for having watched this demonstration. Here at Youthtopia we’re been open ten years and we’re really excited to offer you the latest technology with CoolSculpting and we really know that you’re going to fit. Please come see us for free assessment. Thank you Sydney for helping! You’re a great assistant. Thank you, Kim, so much! And again, I’m Tracy from Youthtopia Med Spa and we look forward to seeing you very soon here in Alpharetta.