Youthtopia CoolSculpting Submental Treatment

Cool Applicators 2

Tracy: Hi everybody welcome back to Youthtopia MedSpa, my name is Tracy and I wanted to give you some more information about CoolSculpting and tell about what we offer here at Youthtopia MedSpa. So a lot of people ask me where can they get it treated on different parts of their bodies what does it look like how does it feel, does it work. So today I particularly would address the different hand pieces that the latest technology from CoolSculpting has to offer and give you an idea of the treatment times for each of those. I don’t have all of my applicators out so just keep in mind that if you don’t hear about it in this video that doesn’t mean we cant address those areas and I’ll kind of touch on them briefly but first I want to start with my smallest applicator its called the cool mini by coolscpulpting and as it is applied it treats very small areas. Right here a lot of you will have the concerns with the submental fat underneath their chin this is an excellent treatment for that, great results its also very good for the top of the knees, smaller ares you might have a concern with so, again it’s a small applicator so it implies a smaller area but because it’s a smaller area the results are even that much more dramatic so you’ll find great results with our mini. The next size up for our applicators on my display here is my petite, so larger than the mini but still small. The petite is phenomenal its FDA approved so treating the upper arm. It does go after the subcutaneous fat that we are able to address with the technology behind coolsculpting, it’s 11 degrees below Celsius so it’s very very cold, very cold and it freezes that fat beautifully. It doesn’t harm any of the tissues or any of your organs, it just attacks the fat cells that we want gone and this is my petite. You can also use this for inner thighs depending on your size and other ares. A lot of people like to do this just as their upper upper right below their bra line.

Fantastic results because it is a small area you don’t need more than one treatment 35 min treatment. My next applicator that I have here is the cool advantage. I want to point out that with these applicators these last three this little cup does suck so its going to take that subcutaneous fat and its going to pull it into the machine, not uncomfortably so, but just enough to where its going to really give a good treatment to the whole area that’s able to be brought into this applicator. It’s a 35 min treatment, everyone loves it for their abdomen it’s a great treatment to help lose some of that stubborn fat or that just unwanted fat and the treatments again are 35 min, most people might do one two three four applicators, depends and its also for flakes, so we have the ability to treat your sides and also to the back and you can take it all the way up to the bra fat area and just work its way down, fantastic results if you lose that bra fat you can lose that backbone so you want to get rid of so you want to get rid of so you look dynamite in that little black dress for New year’s or Christmas or just look really good with the clothes you wear to work or around town. A lot of people love this, they want to do their whole back area and their flanks and they walk out supper happy you will too.

Now again here at Youthtopia MedSpa we have had the latest technology and coolsculpting has to offer the newest which is the cool advantage plus, plus doesn’t necessarily imply the larger than other it just means that we have a better ability to pull into this larger cup, more of the subcutaneous fat so even petite women or men are able to use this applicator I have used it again for abdomens and you’re just basically pulling in the tissue freezing it again 11 degrees below Celsius and it really gives dynamite results. Whichever applicator you use we’re probably going to look around three to four weeks you’re going to be seeing definite results, maximum results and two months to three months and ongoing so if you’re looking to get something done before the holidays now this is the time or if there’s after the holidays and you’re saying well why should I need to get in there summers coming or the beach time’s coming, comes to yes we’re guaranteed of excellent results, great pricing and thank you so much for watching this and we’ll look to see you soon.