Signs Your Skin is Damaged From Too Much Sun

Summer is coming to an end & you may see some differences in your skin from spending too much time in the sun. While having a nice glowing tan can be a priority for many, a tan is actually a red flag that your skin has been exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight.

Skin Conditions Caused by The Sun 

One way your skin protects itself from the sun’s damage is by producing more melanin in your skin, which darkens your skin tone. This is the tan many people try to acquire but it is actually your skin notifying you that you’ve had too much sun exposure & sun damage is occurring or nearby. Melanin is a brown pigment in the top layer of the skin & extra production of this can darken the skin & cause irregular pigmentation.

The sun can cause the skin to become spotted & red which can be from a permanent stretching of small blood vessels. Light skin tones are more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun; however, medium & dark skin tones can also experience sun damage like hyperpigmentation, dark spots & wrinkles.

UV radiation also decreases the collagen & elastin in the skin leaving you with sagging, yellowed skin with deep wrinkles. This condition is called Solar Elastosis. Melasma is another condition that can worsen with sun exposure. Melasma is a skin issue that causes dark patches on the skin, typically on the cheek or forehead.

Some additional sun damage conditions are dark spots that appear and do not fade away in the winter months, called solar lentigines. One of the more intense sun damage conditions is solar keratoses which are rough patches to the skin that can be tan, red or brown. If this skin condition isn’t treated it can lead to a skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

Finally, there is a growth that can appear after long-term sun exposure called lentigo maligna. This type of growth is irregular in shape and can continue to grow. It can turn into melanoma, a form of skin cancer. If you see this type of growth you should contact your doctor immediately.

Ways to Treat These Symptoms

Many of these conditions can be treated by laser treatments such as the Halo Laser or BBL. Specifically, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, & wrinkles can be treated with lasers like the Halo & BBL. HALO™ is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL). It is one of the best advanced laser resurfacing treatments that combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths and is best for treating long-term sun damage. BBL is another treatment that can treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation but is also great for treating Melasma. Vivace & Microneedling can improve sun damage and elasticity. There are many other treatments that can help reduce the appearance of sun damage such as a chemical peel.


Protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important & can not only prevent some of these serious skin conditions but help prevent early aging. Always wear your SPF & stay out of the sun as much as possible. At Youthtopia Med Spa, we offer several treatments that can address some of the above issues. Call us today to book your consultation!

Source: The Mayo Clinic





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