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Remove New or Old Scars with Micro-Needling

Whether the scars are due to acne or some type of injury, they can leave a person with feelings of embarrassment and diminished self-esteem, which can negatively affect relationships and even work. Since scars are one of the most common types of unwanted skin conditions, many people seek treatment options to diminish or remove them. People are often confused by the choices available to treat their scars. Some would like to minimize the appearance of their scars without resorting to surgery. Fortunately, there is such a method that offers real results without the need for surgical intervention. This method is known as micro-needling.

A Look at Micro-Needling

Most people have never heard of micro-needling. This treatment offers a minimally-invasive method of scar reduction that works without surgery. It involves passing a handheld device over the surface of the scar in a series of passes. The device is coated with many fine needles that affects the skin to varying depths.

Each pass of the handheld micro-needling device creates micro-channels on the skin. While invisible to the naked eye, these tiny channels can actually help reduce scarring. Each one triggers your body into remodeling the area and some of the surrounding skin tissue.

The healing cascade triggered by micro-needling coaxes your body into depositing fresh collagen and elastin to the area. Old skin cells and scar tissue are turned over in favor of new ones. These new skin cells push up from below and tend to display fewer signs of the original scar.


The results of a micro-needling treatment can be seen over the course of the following weeks. Eventually you should notice that your scars are less prominent, raised, and discolored.

Another aspect of micro-needling is that results are cumulative. You can have multiple treatments spaced several weeks or months apart to further minimize the appearance of your scars. You will, however, have to wait a few weeks between treatments so that your skin has time to heal adequately before starting another micro-needling session.

Side effects are rare and actually indicate your skin is responding properly. Some minor redness, swelling, and tenderness may occur.

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If you are considering micro-needling treatments and want to know if you are a good candidate, visit Youthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta to find out more. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get rid of those unwanted scars.




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