Non-Surgical Body Sculpting with CoolSculpting in Johns Creek

CoolSculpting Johns Creek

Very few things are as frustrating as hitting a roadblock on your weight loss journey. Even with an immaculate diet and a great exercise program, it might take years to get rid of fatty tissue in the arms, stomach, flanks, and back. Our team understands just how difficult this process can be, and that is why we are proud to offer all residents of Johns Creek the exciting new treatment known as CoolSculpting®. This non-surgical body sculpting technology allows us to safely remove stubborn fat without the unwanted side effects of liposuction.


CoolSculpting® Johns Creek is an excellent alternative to invasive fat removal procedures. Instead of making incisions and physically withdrawing the fat, this non-surgical technology weakens the fat cells and triggers the body’s natural healing response. It is the perfect option for patients who are close to their ideal weight but still struggling with localized pockets of fat. CoolSculpting® can be carried out almost anywhere on the body including the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and upper arms.

How Does CoolSculpting Johns Creek Work?

CoolSculpting® was first approved by the FDA in 2010, but this technology has been studied for many years. A few decades ago, doctors noticed that patients who ate cold treats such as popsicles often developed dimples in their cheeks. This phenomenon was taking place because the cold treats were actually destroying the fat cells in their cheeks. After quite a bit of research, doctors were able to create a device that quickly brought pockets of stubborn body fat down to very cold temperatures. Within a few weeks of this treatment, the body will metabolize and expel the weakened fat cells.

What to Expect During Your CoolSculpting Appointment

The total length of your appointment depends on a few different factors including the size of the treatment site. As long as only one area is being treated, most appointments can be completed in a couple of hours. We will start this process by placing small suction pads over the treatment site before turning the machine on. Once the CoolSculpting® device is on, you will feel a cool blast that penetrates deep into your skin. If you ever feel any discomfort during the appointment, we can easily adjust the settings. Following your appointment, you will experience some tenderness and discoloration where the pads were placed.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting® Johns Creek

Many of our patients in Johns Creek choose non-surgical body sculpting over liposuction because they don’t want to deal with the side effects of an invasive procedure. Liposuction can be effective, but patients often spend weeks in recovery. CoolSculpting® is a minimally invasive treatment that requires no incisions, drainage tubes, anesthetics, or compression garments. You can resume all normal activities right after your appointment, and you could begin to notice changes to your body within just a few weeks. Long-term studies have shown us that CoolSculpting® reduces pockets of fatty by as much as 20 percent, and you can continue to schedule additional treatments to further improve the results.

CoolSculpting® can be the best non-surgical body sculpting option for helping you continue in your weight loss journey. Here at Youthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta, we service those in Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek and other surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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