Improve Feminine Health with ThermiVa

It is likely that you have heard celebrities talk about the benefits that come from using ThermiVa® and other vaginal rejuvenation treatments. You may wonder if these treatments really live up to all of the hype. We are happy to tell you that they do. We invite you to learn how you can improve your feminine health with ThermiVa®.

As we get older, our skin does not produce the same amount of collagen that it did in our younger years. This is something that affects our facial skin. It is part of what causes a loss of facial volume, wrinkles, and the other signs of aging. Did you know that the vaginal skin also loses collagen throughout the years? This leads to the vaginal skin becoming loose and lacking flexibility. You can think of collagen as iron mesh that supports concrete. It is the iron that gives the concrete its structure and strength. When the vaginal skin loses collagen, it no longer has the same strength that it used you.

Rejuvenating your feminine health is definitely worth it. It will make the vaginal skin firmer and tighter. It does not cause any real discomfort. All that a woman will feel is a slight warm sensation as the wand is passed over the vaginal skin. It gives the immediate benefit of tightening the vaginal skin and then providing further rejuvenation over time.

Radiofrequency energy is used to cause the skin in the vaginal area to contract. This shrinks and tightens the skin and also encourages it to create more elastin and collagen. It is designed to heal the nerves and tissue, which will lead to the skin becoming firm and supple.

You may be wondering if you are a good candidate for ThermiVa®. Are you dealing with vaginal laxity? Do you feel unsatisfied with the way your labia appears? Do you have urinary incontinence? Do you feel dissatisfied after sexual experiences? Do you have vaginal dryness? If so, you could be the perfect candidate!

ThermiVa® is designed to help women who are dealing with a wide variety of vaginal issues. Consult our team at Youthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta to learn more about how this treatment works. We proudly serve clients in Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, GA and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a consultation.

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