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Forget About Shaving with Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, in addition to costing you money on an ongoing basis. Whether you’re shaving with razors, smearing on smelly depilatory creams or yanking it out with warm wax, you’re likely spending hours a month doing it, hating it and paying every time. If you want to be rid of the hair more permanently, laser hair removal may be right for you. This technology allows hair to be removed by safely damaging the follicles responsible for its growth.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

When you pull out a hair, you can see that the root of the hair comes away from a pit in the skin. These little pits are called follicles and are responsible for all hair growth. When those follicles are damaged by a cut or burn, a scar forms. There are no follicles on a scar and no hair will grow there ever again.

Science took this idea to the microscopic level and found a way to use a laser to super-heat the hair shafts for a short time while leaving your skin untouched. The heat scars the follicle, rendering it unable to ever produce hair again. These tiny scars are microscopic, so you won’t be able to feel them or see them. No one will ever know you had laser hair removal treatments. After a series of treatments, the skin on the treatment area will be smooth with less noticeable hair.

A Flexible Procedure

With laser hair removal, there’s no need for stringent scheduling or careful preparations. The hair grows in cycles, meaning you will need a series of treatments to get the best result, but you can schedule those treatments at your own convenience. Laser hair removal is a very pliable procedure that you can tailor to your own schedule, and our team will make sure to work with you to schedule your treatments according to your lifestyle.

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If you are tired of grooming away the same hair over and over again while paying for it every time, laser hair removal at Youthtopia Med Spa may be just the solution for you. Many people have been able to throw away their razors and tweezers after finishing their series of treatments at our office in Alpharetta. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!




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