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Coolsculpting Q&A: A Client’s Experience

Coolsculpting Q&A: A Look Into A Client’s Experience

Client Description: Female, 31 years Old, Struggles with stubborn fat areas in abdominals & arms. Frequently exercises with mostly healthy diet.

What led you to the decision to get CoolSculpting?

  • My entire life I have had certain problem areas that seem to stick around no matter how healthy I eat and how often I exercise. I typically exercise 5 days a week and try to eat as clean as possible during the week, but my arms and abs have always held on to fat more than other areas. Even when I had a personal trainer and was the most fit of my life, I still held onto fat in my arms and stomach. Surgery is not for me; I am a chicken when it comes to anything invasive or painful. So I started doing some research and one of my friends told me to look into Coolsculpting because she had done it on her bra fat area and it worked! I looked into the top places in my area for Coolsculpting and Youthtopia Med Spa popped up, so I decided to book a complimentary consultation to see if I was a candidate for Coolsculpting and if the treatment was right for me. When I went for my complimentary consultation, the Esthetician, Taylor Toups, made me feel very at ease and was extremely warm and knowledgeable and made me feel like this treatment was for me. So, we decided to do a total of eight cycles, six on my abdominals and one on each arm.

Did you have any concerns about getting the treatment?

  • My biggest concern was downtime. I was about to go on vacation for the Georgia/Florida football game and I didn’t want to be miserable or not be able to participate in all the activities. During my consultation with Taylor, she informed me that I could still exercise after the treatment and continue my normal routine, although there may be some tenderness and swelling but shouldn’t cause any downtime. I was also concerned about the treatment itself, if there would be any pain and she ensured me that the worst part was right when the treatment begins and you feel the coldness and then the massage that takes place right after the treatment, may be uncomfortable for some people. All of it sounded like a great alternative to surgery or any other invasive treatment.

Was there anything you didn’t expect with the Coolsculpting?

  • My skin and body, I have discovered, are very sensitive. There were a few things I didn’t anticipate happening. One, my stomach was very tender during the massage portion and some people do not have pain during this portion of the treatment, but I did! Taylor did mention this during my consultation, and she did walk me through the discomfort during the treatment. It was tolerable just wasn’t ideal and I didn’t expect that feeling. Some areas, such as my arms, did not have any discomfort or pain. The only other part was I was swollen and bloated for about 5 days after the treatment. I know this is rare and my body was sensitive, but I was swollen and tender. I still could exercise and participate in all my normal activities, I just felt uncomfortable and had to take it slightly easy in my workouts. But after 5 days passed, I felt completely back to normal which was great.

Have you seen any results since your Coolsculpting treatment?

  • Shortly after the treatment, I began actually seeing results on my stomach. It has now been about 7 weeks since my 8 cycles of treatment on my arms and abs and I can tell a big different in my lower abs. My jeans do fit better, and my stomach looks definitely flatter. My arms I can tell a slight difference, but I know the treatment will continue to work over the next month. So far, I am very excited to see my lower abs flatter. No matter how small I have been in the past, that just never would go away. I sometimes would have abs on my upper stomach with a pooch! This has honestly made me so happy!

Would you recommend or ever treat any other areas with Coolsculpting?

  • Honestly, absolutely! I have already thought about treating my bra fat with it and I can tell you that even though I was bloated for a few days, the results were so worth it. I am very excited to see the results continue over the next few weeks, but I would recommend Coolsculpting to anyone who struggles with stubborn fat areas. And just to note, my friend never had any swelling or pain during Coolsculpting and it really didn’t hurt, I just have no pain tolerance haha but I would do it again! Also, I wanted to thank everyone at Youthtopia for their service and expertise. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the entire process and I got to watch tv and nap during my treatment. Overall, I would give the experience a 10/10, especially based on the service from Youthtopia and the results!!

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