Can Testosterone Therapy Help You?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone produced mainly in the testicles. This important sex hormone helps to maintain bone density, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, facial and body hair, sex drive, and sperm cell production. As such, if you are dealing with a testosterone deficiency, testosterone therapy could work for you!

What Happens to Testosterone Levels as You Get Older?

Generally, levels of testosterone peak during early adulthood. Getting older leads to a gradual decline in testosterone production. A low testosterone level can be caused by normal aging or some form of disease.

Abnormally low testosterone production may be caused by a disease called hypogonadism. This problem can be caused by dysfunction in the testicles or pituitary gland. People suffering from hypogonadism can be helped with testosterone therapy.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Although low testosterone symptoms can be obvious, they can be subtle in some cases. Your levels of testosterone will naturally decline as you grow older. However, some medical conditions can cause abnormally low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone symptoms include:

* Low sex drive

* Fatigue

* Erectile dysfunction

* A decrease in muscle mass

* Depression and irritability

* Body and facial hair loss

If you are exhibiting symptoms of low testosterone levels and tests reveal your levels are abnormally low, we may recommend testosterone therapy. There are several forms of testosterone replacement therapy available in the Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek, GA areas, but we are proud to offer it in the form of injections.

A large number of men undergoing testosterone therapy report increased energy, improved sex drive, and better quality of their erections. Testosterone therapy has also been found to increase bone density and muscle mass.

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