What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta?

If shaving and waxing take up a large part of your time and money to be rid of unwanted body hair, then you may be interested in the benefits of laser hair removal in the Atlanta area. When hair is removed with a laser, it may not grow back, and if it does, it will be pale, weak, and easily removed with a maintenance laser treatment. With a series of treatments, you can have smooth skin for a long time.

Body hair grows in three main stages. Laser hair removal works during the active growing stage. The concentrated beam of light is targeted at the hair follicle. The pigment or melanin in the follicle absorbs the light as heat and becomes destroyed. It is unable to grow hair. One of the main benefits is the precision with which the laser works. It can target just one hair without damaging the surrounding skin. For example, on the upper lip or chin, the treatment may take just a few minutes. For larger areas such as legs, back or chest, the laser can target an area about the size of a quarter to remove more hair at one time. It takes longer to treat these larger areas.

Laser hair removal is suitable for every part of the body except around the eyes. Depending on the area being treated, it may take two to six treatments to get the smooth skin you desire. It all depends on the unique situation.

When you have a consultation with our specialist in the Atlanta area, you will learn more about laser hair removal and be given instructions to follow before and after the treatment. For example, you will be asked not to pluck or wax the area you want to be treated for a set amount of time before the treatment date. These removal methods may also remove the follicle, which is needed for laser hair removal. You may shave and may even be asked to shave the day before the treatment. Shaving does not affect the follicle.

The main benefit of laser hair removal is the length of time you can have smooth, clear skin. For some, no maintenance treatment is needed. Either way, laser hair removal saves you time and money in your grooming routine.
Make an appointment at Youthtopia Med Spa to get all the facts about laser hair removal. We are pleased to serve clients in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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